Food should always be exciting. Be it the thrill of discovering something new and creative, or the way your heart flutters upon seeing your favourite dish leave the kitchen and make its way to you. Food itself is an experience – one that is always meant to be savoured, treasured, and remembered.

In its pursuit of such gastronomic adventure, Ginett Singapore has introduced a rare new experience to its dining room. The team behind this French-inspired restaurant and wine bar has taken a French classic – the Tartare – and created a unique Tartare Menu that explores the dish in different variations.

Let’s Tartare About It

Whether you’re a true meat lover or a gourmand with discerning taste buds, this unique tartare menu proves itself to be extensive – featuring dishes across four categories: Meat, Seafood, Vegetable, and Sweet.

Lovers of the classic beef tartare can find excitement in an elevated version of the traditional dish. The Truffle Beef Tartare ($30) is made with hand-cut beef tenderloin, fresh egg yolk, truffle, mustard, truffle oil, parsley, and balsamic vinegar for a tart little kick.

On the seafood front, the humble Seabass Tartare ($26) brings familiar, clean flavours, enhanced by salty pearls of salmon roe, and lifted with a refreshing combination of pomelo, lime, and ginger. A surprise presence of vanilla adds an unexpected sweetness and depth.

For vegetarians, there’s the Beetroot Tartare ($18), whose vibrant red hue mimics the classic dish. A combination of roasted and raw beetroot makes up this version, spruced up with pickled red onion, dill, coriander, capers, chives and hummus for creaminess.

And finally, something for the sweet tooths or the dessert course with a Mango Tartare – where fresh yellow and crisp green mango are the stars. Flavoured with lime, basil, and vanilla, it’s finished with a fluffy coconut espuma to tie everything together.

Available till the end of February.

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