Would you like your Bouchot Mussels classic, or with an Asian twist?

Think you know your mussels? Then get ready to make your way to Ginett Singapore from September onwards to savour the sweet, luxurious flavours of the beloved Bouchot Mussels!

Meaning ‘shellfish bed’ in French, Bouchot Mussels are named so for the way they are cultivated – grown on ropes strung from wooden poles in the sea, resulting in deliciously plump mussels free of grit and barnacles.

Distinguished by their medium-sized, rich bluish-black shell, and vibrant yellow-orange flesh, Bouchot Mussels are highly prized and appreciated by seafood lovers for their meaty texture and delicately sweet, creamy flesh. At Ginett Singapore, enjoy them in all their glory in four different preparations that perfectly enhance or complement these fine molluscs.

Bouchot Mussels, Four Ways

Purists will no doubt make a beeline for the Classic Marinière preparation – where the Bouchot Mussels get to shine in just a light yet luxurious sauce made with white wine, shallots, butter, and fresh parsley.

For those seeking extra indulgence, the Creamy version sees an addition of cream, with onions instead of shallots for an added punch of flavour.

Feeling adventurous? Opt for the Asian Bouchot Mussels, an exciting explosion of warm ginger, fiery chilli padi, spring onions, and sweet huatiao jiu (Shaoxing rice wine).

Finally, there’s the Tomato & Chorizo version – bringing together one of the finest from France with the vibrant freshness of Mediterranean flavours. The Bouchot Mussels get dressed in a rich concoction, made of roma tomatoes, chorizo, white white, onions, garlic, and basil.

The Bouchot Mussels will be available from 1st September – 31st October 2023, exclusively at Ginett Singapore in two serving sizes: 500g for $42 and 1kg for $70.

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