French Scallops, also known as Coquilles Saint-Jacques, are a type of shellfish cherished for their delicate taste. These scallops are harvested off the coast of France and are renowned for their sweet, buttery flavor and tender texture!

French Scallops are a highlight in French cuisine, prized for their exquisite taste and versatility in various recipes.

For a limited time only in January and February, indulge in a taste of the French coast with our scallop promotion. We’re featuring 4 special scallop dishes and an exclusive discount of 40% on selected bottles of French wine.

Scallop Mousse

A smooth Scallop mousse served with lobster bisque and sliced button mushrooms for a delightful blend of seafood flavours. The perfect dish as a starter!

Scallop Carpaccio

Savour thin slices of scallops in a carpaccio style with celeriac remoulade, green apple, and a refreshing cucumber sauce! Perfect for raw scallops’ lovers.

Scallop Ceviche

Relish fresh scallop ceviche paired with hazelnuts, herb oil, zesty lemon juice and a hint of Piment d’Espelette for a tangy and crunchy treat.

Baked Scallop

The most valued option for purists: Baked Scallops. Served with creamed leeks and truffle paste. The must-try of the season!

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VDP d’Oc, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Pinot Noir 2021

The Pinot Noir from 2021 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild offers a smooth and fruity taste, perfect for those who enjoy red wines with hints of berries and a gentle finish.


VDP d’Oc, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Chardonnay 2022

Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s Chardonnay of 2022 boasts a balanced and crisp flavour profile. With its hints of citrus and a touch of oak, it’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate a refreshing white wine.


Côtes de Provence, Château Roubine 2020

Château Roubine’s 2020 vintage from the Côtes de Provence region presents a delightful blend of flavours. This wine offers a perfect harmony of fruitiness and floral notes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded and aromatic wine.