For a limited time in March and April, indulge in the fresh flavours of the French coast without leaving town.

We’re featuring 4 special sole fish dishes paired with the perfect French wines at an exclusive 40% discount.

Savour the delicate flakiness of fried and poached sole, the richness of pan-seared fillets, and the classic taste of Sole Meunière. With fresh vegetables and creamy sauces, these dishes celebrate the spring season.

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Fried Sole Fish With Pea Salad

Sole fish

Crispy sole fillets are served with a fresh pea salad and creamy dill mayonnaise. The light, flaky fish pairs perfectly with the bright spring peas and herbs

Poached Sole

Sole fish

For a lighter option, try the poached sole with baby carrots and a classic beurre blanc sauce. The gentle poaching method allows the delicate flavour of the sole to shine through. The carrots add a touch of sweetness while the beurre blanc, made from white wine and butter, provides a rich finish.

Pan Seared Sole Fillet

Sole Fish

Pan-seared until golden brown, the sole fillet is finished with a lemon butter sauce and asparagus spears. The quick sear locks in moisture while creating a crisp crust. The fresh asparagus, coming into season now, has notes of earth and herbaceous that balance the bright lemon sauce.

Sole Meunière

Sole Fish

Our signature sole meunière features fillets dredged in flour and sautéd in brown butter with lemon and parsley. Served with fingerling potatoes, this traditional French preparation allows the flavour of the butter and lemon to permeate the fish. It’s a dish that highlights the freshness and quality of the sole.

Compliment Your Sole Fish With 40% OFF on French Wines

A perfect pairing for your Sole Fish dish is with a bottle of French wine. In March & April, enjoy 40% off on a selection of French wines!


Bourgogne, Les Meix Grappin, Pinot Noir 2022

A delightful pink wine from France. It offers a refreshing blend of ripe strawberries, citrus, and floral hints. With a crisp acidity, it pairs perfectly with salads, seafood, and grilled dishes.


Chablis, Domaine Milet Chardonnay 2022

A distinguished white wine hailing from the Chablis region of Burgundy, France. Crafted by Domaine Milet, this Chardonnay showcases the region’s renowned terroir and winemaking expertise.


Côtes de Provence, Château Roubine 2020

Château Roubine’s 2020 vintage from the Côtes de Provence region presents a delightful blend of flavours. This wine offers a perfect harmony of fruitiness and floral notes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded and aromatic wine.

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